Urban Lifestyle Opens Its Doors to Kagay-Anons

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Do you want to add some color and prestige to your home or office? Maybe place some well-crafted furniture or decorative fittings that will make your small office/home office (SOHO) stand out from the rest? Urban Lifestyle is here to help give any room or space in your home a nice flavor that will be the envy of all your friends and neighbors.

Whether you work in a typical office or work at home in a simple two-bedroom apartment, you need some spice and some flavor to make the working and living experience much more exciting for you. And that is what Urban Lifestyle has to offer.

Urban Lifestyle’s showroom, which recently opened in Kauswagan highway, shows off some of the most artistic and innovative home and office decorations you will ever see. The different pieces of furniture and the tastefully crafted décor scream 21st century design with a hint of Filipino style.



So what does the showroom actually show off?

Well, if you’re looking for a new and stylish way to adorn your living room or your home office space, the Urban Lifestyle showroom will definitely give you some great ideas. From various light and lamp fittings to a vast selection of window coverings, they have the goods to satisfy every style and every taste: Hanging lamps in vintage designs, lamps on cast-iron stands, a diverse selection of lamp sconces, dining room table sets made from finely crafted hardwood, beautiful and elegant chandeliers, and so on.



If interior design is your thing, you’ll definitely get quite a few new ideas just by checking out Urban Lifestyle’s new showroom in Kauswagan. In addition to home interior design, the showroom also features furniture and various decorations that would fit perfectly in a nice office space. Well-crafted colorful office cubicles, a wide selection of window shades and blinds, wall coverings, and so on.



Urban Lifestyle also has a good selection of awnings and parasols, green vents, and even queue posts that are quite stylish for such commonplace items that most of us often take for granted. But if you own a restaurant, a retail store, or whatever type of business that caters to walk-in patrons, you’ll definitely find these items rather interesting. So, whether you’re in the middle of redecorating your home office, your living room, or your entire home, you should check out the Urban Lifestyle showroom in Kauswagan. You might just find the office table or the light fixture you’ve been looking for.



For more information, contact Urban Lifestyle at (+63) 917 707 5050 or visit their official website here. You can also go ahead and visit the aforementioned newly opened showroom along Kauswagan Highway.