Top 4 Graduation Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

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Know anyone who will be finally graduating this coming March and April? Make sure to congratulate them wholeheartedly and let them feel special. They deserve it!

Now, if you want to do something more extravagant for your graduating friend or family member, we’ve rounded up the coolest graduation gift ideas. Are you ready? Here they are:


Gadgets like phones, cameras, tablets, smartwatches, and VR gear are absolutely among the best gifts any graduate would want to receive. With the bevy of gadgets one can buy these days, there’s just no shortage when it comes to gift options, making it imperative for you to observe first his or her interests and preferences first before buying a gift for him or her. Does he/she love taking photographs? Then give him or her an Instax camera. Is he/she into sports and fitness? A Fitbit would be perfect for him/her. Or if your graduating friend is adventurous, why not surprise him or her with an action camera?


Bookworms would want nothing to receive on their graduation day but books. What else? Books that your buddy loves will make for awesome gifts!

A caveat: While voracious book readers would read any kind of book given to them, there are those people who stick to a specific genre. If you don’t know yet what genre they are into, don’t hesitate to ask their closest friends.

And if you are feeling generous and have funds to spare, you can even give your friend a Kindle Reader!

Personalized Stuff

Yes, personalized items are extremely popular today, and there are now plenty of things nowadays that you can get personalized. From bags, jewelry, and pillows to laptop skin, rugs, and socks—most merchandise today can be personalized! How amazing is that?

Again, however, consider your loved ones’ preferences and taste before choosing what kind of item you want to be personalized.

Sweets, Chocolates, Desserts!

And last but not the least—DESSERTS!

Graduation parties are plain and boring without the dining table brimming with desserts. So, treat your graduating friend or family friend with all these amazing desserts and a delicious cake! And by the way, Nikon Cakes, CDO’s best cake shop, is offering an amazing graduation cake package. Check out Nikon Cake’s Facebook page now and gift your graduating loved ones the best cake ever!