Three Tips to Cool Off this Summer Season

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Are you already noticing the drastic changes in our weather here in Cagayan de Oro? The past few days have been sweltering hot and humid—a clear indication that summer is indeed fast approaching.

Summer days in CDO have always been hot; the city’s temperature during summer season ranges from 24 degrees Celsius up to 33 degrees Celsius. If you don’t like the idea of braving the harsh summertime heat here in Cagayan de Oro, we’ve rounded up some of the best things and activities that can really help you cool down. Here they are:

Going to the Mall

During the summer season, a lot of Kagay-anons flock the malls around the city to escape the summer heat. Besides helping you cool down, there are plenty of entertaining things that you can do inside the mall.

You can hit the arcades, enjoy lunch with your friends, and shop for summer clothes.

Hitting the Beach

Summer is the perfect time to head to the beach and take a plunge into the cold water. And for guys who want to have the best summer tan ever, the beach is absolutely the ideal place to get that. But since a lot of families and your barkada head to the beach during summer vacation, make sure to plan your beach adventure a few months or weeks before summer starts. That way you don’t experience a hard time booking for a beach resort.


No time for a beach getaway? Then here’s another great way to cool down this summer season—eat GELATO. Gelatos are undeniably more delicious and fun to eat compared to ice cream. They have a silkier and softer texture, they contain less fat percentage, and they come in a wide range of flavors.

Here in CDO, the best place for enjoying a gelato is Candy’s Café. This charming European-inspired restaurant happens to offer plenty of gelato flavors that you will surely enjoy. Follow them on Facebook & Instagram to know more about their featured Gelato flavors.

Have a blast this summer season mga Kagay-anons!