Terms and Conditions for Businesses

Terms and Conditions for Businesses


Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions indicated here apply to all listings and reviews on Clix provided by registered users/members. These can be updated accordingly from time-to-time.


Description of Service

Clix is a FREE online submissions directory for establishments found and operating in Cagayan de Oro City (and the Northern Mindanao area). It primarily offers a free listing service that also includes additional advertising and paid add-on options for business enterprises. Business owners can register as non-paying users and contribute information about their establishment/s subject to a number of terms and conditions.



Upon registration, a business owner or manager will receive a username and password that he shall use to log in to his account. Only after successfully registering will he be able to post comments and reviews – the terms and conditions of which are indicated below.


A business owner can also choose to advertise his establishment/s.


Registration to Clix is free.


Terms and Conditions

A)     We reserve the right:

  • to move your listing from one category to another.
  • to change the directory structure as we deem fit. (As more businesses get added, the additions may necessitate that we add in more subcategories and/or move existing ones to umbrella categories that are more in line with what the subcategories being moved hold.)
  • to delete your listing anytime that we deem that the nature of your business has changed to something that violates our terms of service. (Gambling dens for example are not something we allow in our directory.) We likewise reserve the right to refuse to add your listing to the directory for the same reasons.
  • to make the final decision as to where a business is to be placed. Businesses that are multi-faceted (example: establishments that have a bar while providing their clientele with pool tables and bowling alleys) will be listed under a category that best fits its main thrust. (Continuing the example, a restaurant that has pool tables will be listed under “Restaurants and Bars” – or in a subcategory under that – while a business establishment that sports pool tables as its main draw that has a mini-bar on the side will be listed under “Recreation” – or in a subcategory under that.). Owners of multi-faceted businesses can opt to have their business listed under multiple categories that fit one or more facets of their enterprise. However this requires: 1. That they avail of one of the Clix Premium Packages (Platinum, Gold, and Silver), or 2. That they agree that Clix management have the right to refuse to include a listing of their business in inappropriate categories. (An NGO for example, can’t possibly be listed in “Restaurants and Bars.”).
  • to refuse the listing of establishments that are deemed unlawful under Philippine laws. Examples of this include brothels, gambling dens, businesses operating without permits and licenses, and businesses blacklisted by the Department of Trade and Industry.
  • to refuse clients who want to avail of the Clix Premium Packages. Some of the reasons include: indecent banner ads (or ones that hint on violent, sexual, and or discriminatory content), limited premium client slots (especially in the case of the Platinum package), etc. Any information that is abusive, threatening, defamatory, misleading and false will be refused. Information that discloses confidential details about an individual or a company will likewise be refused. We demand accuracy of all information you provide for the listing of your business/businesses.
  • to remove a client from the Clix Premium Package slots. Some of the reasons include: businesses that evolve into a form that is deemed unlawful under Philippine Law (example: Massage Establishments that begin to condone prostitution in its premises, etc), clients refusing to change ad banners that are deemed lewd, etc. In this case, monetary compensation will be made corresponding to the unused time span (Example: If a certain company signed up and paid for a 3-month contract and it got removed from the  Clix Premium Package slots at the 1-month mark, it will be paid back a sum equal to what he paid for a 2-month stint.)
  • to provide Clix Premium Packages only to clients that are approved by the CDO government (i.e. have DTI registration papers, business licenses, etc). The same condition applies to online businesses wishing to avail of Clix Premium Packages. Your online business has to be registered with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).
  • to change our rates for the Clix Premium Packages. However, existing subscriptions will not be altered; only in renewing will the new rates apply.
  • to make changes or additions to the information in the listings (if necessary).



  • Subscribers who want to opt-out of a Clix Premium Package for whatever reason can do so. However, there will be no refunds for the remaining unused time span they signed up for.
  • Ad placement is immutable. Platinum, Gold, and Silver subscribers each enjoy different degrees of visibility across the Clix website’s pages. Before availing, would-be subscribers should watch the Clix Premium Package video that show where the banner ads will be placed. Availing and completing a Clix Premium Package signifies a subscriber’s acknowledgement and acquiescence on where their ads will be placed.


Privacy Policy:

  • We will collect personal information for registration purposes using lawful and fair methods that shall not, in any way, violate your privacy. Personal data collected will not be used for any other purpose and will be protected by strict security measures against unauthorized use or access, modification, copying, and theft.
  • Clix may use the email address you provided during registration to send messages or information about special offers and additional services (if any). The email can also be used to send notices and other such information regarding your listing.
  • You are responsible for keeping your username, password and account details confidential. Any breach of security or suspected unauthorized use of your account should be immediately reported to Clix. You are responsible for all movements and activities that happen to your account. Clix should not be held liable for any damage or loss resulting from the neglect of these instructions.


Indemnity/Limitation of Liability

You agree to indemnify and hold Clix and its developers, partners, agents and subsidiaries harmless from and against any form of demands, liabilities or claims; including attorneys’ fees, arising from information or materials you posted to or though the site.


Duplication, Copying, Selling and Exploiting of Information

You agree not to duplicate or reproduce, sell, copy, or exploit any information on Clix, especially for commercial purposes.


Termination of Account

You agree that Clix may terminate your account or privilege to use its services for any reason that violates any of the stipulations in its terms and conditions.



These Terms and Conditions represent the entire agreement between you (as the user) and Clix. This agreement supersedes prior proposals (written or oral), representations, and all other forms of communication between the involved parties in relation to Clix services.