Spoon & Pepper – A One-of-a-Kind Catering Experience in CDO

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Filipinos love to eat. We always find reasons to come together for a feast—birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, fiestas, graduations, passing exams, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, the start/end of summer—everything is a celebration! And when it comes to good food, it’s not all about cooking at home or eating at restaurants for us. Sometimes, we also choose to get our food from a reputable catering service provider. And one catering service that is quickly gaining recognition in Cagayan de Oro is Spoon & Pepper Foods.

One of the newest players in the Cagayan de Oro catering industry, Spoon & Pepper has been operating since 2013 from its headquarters in Barangay Nazareth. This catering service offers packed meals and snacks, wedding buffets, cocktail buffets, and executive buffets. Customers may also order anything from their menu on a per-tray basis. They set themselves apart from the competition by being the first caterer in the city to offer an online booking option. Yes, you read that right. You can browse through their menu and order directly from their website, www.spoonandpepper.com.

Other than the convenience of online booking, Spoon & Pepper also enables customers to download a full-menu board catalogue from their website and offers a customer rewards card.

These perks truly make them stand out from the crowd, since they are currently the only CDO catering service to offer them. It is therefore easy to understand why they have become a popular caterer for various events and occasions, despite the business still being in its infancy.

Beyond the convenience and other perks they offer, though, it is the variety and quality of their food that really makes this catering service an excellent choice. Whether you want chicken, pork, beef, seafood, or vegetables, they’ll be sure to have something on their menu that’ll satisfy your taste. They also have a wide array of pasta dishes, desserts, and cocktails you can choose from.

And their buffet packages are definitely well worth the price, considering that it is all-inclusive—with guest tables and chairs, chafing dishes and serving utensils, steel spotlights, and cocktail glasses, among other things.

A party will never be complete without good food, and if you’re too busy to do the cooking yourself, then hiring a professional caterer may indeed be the best option to ensure your party’s success. It’s a good thing, then, that there is now a catering service in CDO that offers not just good food at reasonable prices, but convenience and quality service as well.


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(Photos from the Spoon & Pepper website. Used with permission.)

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