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Cagayan de Oro City is known across the country as the City of Golden Friendship. However, besides having friendly and good-natured locals, the city of Cagayan de Oro also has a reputation for having myriad establishments that offer delectable foods. Across the city, you will find numerous shops, cafes, and restaurants that offer delicious, authentic, and mouthwatering dishes. From specialty foods such as Japanese, European, Thai dishes to local ones like our sinuglaw, the city’s gastronomy is simply one of the best that you can experience in the country.

And you know what else you can try in Cagayan de Oro? Gourmet meals with budget-friendly prices!

SLERS’ Story

For Kagay-anons who want to experience an all-out gourmet meal (minus the expensive price that you usually pay at fancy restaurants), SLERS Express Meals is a must-try. SLERS is one of CDO’s reputable establishments. From its inception in 1969, this personal culinary endeavor of Fely Pelaez became a flourishing industry. SLERS is known across the whole country for its delicious and home-made Christmas hams (Jamon de Cagayan) and crunchy chicharon (Pica-Pica).

The house where the first ham was made 1969.jpg

The house where the first ham was made 1969

From selling hams, SLERS took a huge change in their business by offering additional products such as tocino, chorizo, longganisa, sweet ham, chicken loaf, country bacon, and even beef pastrami. In 2001, after successfully diversifying its products, SLERS came with another brilliant idea, and that is to open a cafe. SLERS’ owner—specifically her daughter Lilit—decided to open a cafe where people can try the company’s ham in a form of sandwich and combo dishes and this is when their Express Meal was realized.


Introducing SLERS Express Meals

For an affordable but delicious and a swak food adventure, SLERS Ham and Café is the ideal place to visit. With their Express Meals, you will surely get to enjoy amazing dishes (and SLERS’ products too) in a cozy café. Here are some of the dishes that are included on their menu:



Hamdesal is made from fresh pandesal bread and SLERS’ Sweet Ham. To make it more delicious, green leafy veggies are also added. For only PHP 30.00 you can now enjoy this delectable and healthy ham sandwich. If you want your hamdesal with drinks, just add PHP 20.00. SLERS Cafe also offers Hamdesal with Mini Batchoy and drinks for only PHP 70.00.




If you are craving for a hot and savory soup, why not try SLERS’ Batchoy? With wonton noodles, sliced spring onions, boiled egg, chicharon, and herbs and spices, their Batchoy is the perfect snack for the rainy day, or even on any other days. Their Batchoy solo’s price is PHP 50.00. As for their Batchoy Meal with drinks, you can enjoy that for only PHP 60.00. They also sell Mini Batchoy for only PHP 30.00.



Do you love eating chicharon? Who doesn’t!

For Kagay-anons who want to try a unique chicharon meal, then make sure to try SLERS’ Chicharice. As its name implies, this meal is composed with fried rice and chicharon. It is sold for only PHP 90, and it already comes with a drink.

Tocino Meal


Another delectable meal that SLERS Cafe is selling is their tocino meal which you can enjoy for only PHP 100 (take note, this already has a drink). You can also choose Tocino Solo for only PHP 90 with no drinks.



For people who love sisig so much, SLERS’ sisig is also a must-try in their cafe. Their Special Sisig is only PHP 100.00 (with drinks) while their Crispy Sizzling Sisig is PHP 130.00 (without drinks).


BBQ Meal


Another great rice meal at SLERS Cafe is their BBQ meal. They have two variants of this—the BBQ Half Border w/ drinks for PHP 50.00 and the BBQ Meal w/ drinks for PHP 90.00.


Leche-Flan-Buko-Pandan (1)

Yes, SLERS Cafe also serves customers with local sweet desserts like their leche flan and buko pandan. One serving of leche flan is PHP 35.00 while one serving of buko pandan is only PHP 30.00. The best panghimagas after a full gourmet meal at SLERS.

Bacon and Egg


Love breakfast meal? SLERS also have bacons and eggs that you can you enjoy any time of the day. Their bacon solo meal is only PHP 90.00. This already have bacon strips, egg, and rice. SLERS also offer this combo with drinks for PHP 100.00.

For those who want to enjoy SLERS’ affordable and delicious meals, you can visit these cafes around CDO:

SLERS HAM & Cafe 1

Del Pilar corner Velez Streets (fronting MOGCHS)

SLERS HAM & Cafe 2

De Leon Plaza Bldg., Yacapin corner Velez Streets


Ground Floor Gaisano City

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