PICMW: Service for the People, for the Future

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Philippine Iron Construction and Marine Works, or PICMW, is a company that offers world class services related to general, industrial, and marine building. It also explores different fields of engineering.  Its facilities are located in Jasaan, Misamis Oriental. One of the most important and popular services of PICMW involves the sending of engineers to different countries for work in chosen multinational engineering and construction firms.

The Story of PICMW

PICMW actually started its story in 1934, when Meneleo Carlos, Sr. built Philight Incorporated. One of the services it offered was hardware creation, which was formalized in 1955, when it partnered with Resins Inc. In 1969, when Resins decided to explore Mindanao, Philight started operating in Jassan. Later on, it became a pioneer shipbuilder, improved and expanded its services, and now offers not only shipbuilding, but also boat repair and steel fabrication and erection.

Today, PICMW’s shipyard in Mindanao is the only one in the country with a syncrolift dry dock facility and side transfer rail system.  This is proof that the company uses state-of-the-art techniques and equipment in fulfilling its promise to clients. Additionally, it has become one of the most respected companies that offer project management services.

World Class

For people looking for world class marine and industrial services, PICMW is the best company to approach. Its supervisors and management personnel are scattered all over the world, constantly learning while also sharing the expertise and experiences in project management. With the training they have, anyone is guaranteed to get world class service.

In addition to this, PICMW is also dedicated to helping out Filipinos who want to work abroad. The company’s Overseas Division was established in 1978 to take care of the increasing demand for Filipino workers in different parts of the Middle East. Later on, PICMW expanded its overseas services to Africa and South America then, to the Far East and the Oceania areas. This further established its connection with Filipinos who wanted only the best for their family and their family’s future.

PICMW’s manpower is composed of experienced and hardworking engineers in the architectural, electrical, mechanical, marine, and civil engineering. It also has skilled workers, erectors and riggers, pipe welders and fitters, and light and heavy equipment operators, among others. The company has likewise included continuous training for its maintenance personnel, welders, and pipe fitters.

Service Like No Other

If there is one thing that PICMW can boast of, aside from their experience and longevity in the business, it is the service that they offer. The kind that you cannot find from other companies in their field of business. The big difference, of course, is that PICMW cares for its personnel, its clients, and its partners.

So, if you want unparalleled care and service, and the security of your future, get in touch with a representative from PICMW now. You can call or text 0915-598 4249, 0947-585 9029, or 0943-296 4549. Or, you may want to visit their facilities in Brgy. Nahalinan, Lower Jasaan, Jasaan, Misamis Oriental. PICMW also has a Manila office in Pasig City. Check out their website here.



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