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Power interruptions have plagued the Mindanao area for decades, but if you’re too young to have experienced them in the ‘80s and ‘90s, then you probably don’t realize how much better the situation is today. The power supply crisis got so bad in the past that a need for an independent power producer (IPP) was deeply felt. And it was Mindanao Energy Systems, Inc. (MINERGY) that was established to address that need.

Accredited by the Philippine Government as a private power-generating facility with a total capacity of 50 megawatts, MINERGY is the first IPP in Mindanao to sell to a private distribution utility, the Cagayan Electric Power & Light Company (CEPALCO), which is not only its sole customer, but also a part owner of the company. MINERGY was successfully able to help CEPALCO reduce power outage incidences in the areas they serve—Cagayan de Oro, Tagoloan, Villanueva, and Jasaan.

The original power plant located at Barangay Tablon in Cagayan de Oro began operations in June 1995. It is equipped with three 6.3-Megawatt Bunker C-fired engine-generator sets. The Sulzer brand-manufactured engines are known to be highly reliable, the same as the plant’s alternators, which were supplied by France’s GEC Alsthom.

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In the past couple of years, you may have noticed that we are once again plagued with constant power outage incidences, which we know (only too well) as “rotating brownouts”. Well, it looks like MINERGY is once again set to come to the rescue of CEPALCO and its customers. They are currently constructing a thermal power plant in the municipality of Balingasag, Misamis Oriental.

As of February of 2015, construction was deemed 42% complete and the plant is expected to be inaugurated in 2017. With 55-Megawatt coal-fired power units, the plant aims to address the power requirements of CEPALCO the way MINERGY did in the past with its Tablon plant.

Unlike the Tablon plant, however, the Balingasag thermal power plant is a project of Minergy Coal Corporation, which is only partly owned by MINERGY. Also part-owner of Minergy Coal is Vivant Integrated Generation Corp. (VIGC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vivant Energy Corp. One thing that sets the project apart is that it has logged over a million safe man-hours, which means there has been zero accidents since construction began.

This is a clear indication that MINERGY is committed to fulfilling its mission of pursuing excellence. They are also committed to ensuring the profitability of the investments of their stakeholders, as well as the complete satisfaction of their customers. Towards this end, they strive to encourage the growth and ensure the safety and well-being of their human resources. They also do what they can to contribute to the growth and well-being of the community they serve and the environment as a whole.

With MINERGY staying true to its commitment and working closely with establishments like CEPALCO, Minergy Coal, and VIGC, it may no longer be a far-fetched idea to say that we can look forward to a brighter, brownout-free future.

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