What Makes a BPO Environment Sustainable?

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The business process outsourcing (BPO) sector has been on a steady climb ever since it broke into the global stage. Now, cities scattered across the country have their own BPO hubs and more people are venturing into the work opportunities laid out by the BPO industry.

However, establishing a BPO company is just the first step of the process. For firms to stay afloat and get ahead in the turbulent waters of the business world, a sustainable BPO environment is a must. Unprecedented hiccups and mismanagement of resources could lead to your company crashing and burning. For one, a number of BPO companies suffer from low employee retention rates. Establishing a strong foundation, taking care of every business aspect, and enhancing your work environment all sound like a lot of work, but the result is well worth it.

Deciding Factors of a Sustainable BPO Environment

  1. Goals and Objectives

It sounds cliché, but success in this arena requires clear goals and you must communicate those goals throughout your entire manpower. By clearly expressing your expected outcomes, your organization can create an effective roadmap filled with the right strategies that will help you reach success.

  1. Benchmark for Success

Success is generally defined by what your goals are. If you reach or even exceed the goal of raising sales by a specific percentage by the end of the year, for example, that is success.

Define what you mean by “success” within your organization before sending out the company operations to an outsourcing partner. Maybe you’d like to cut costs while maintaining sales or maximize offshore or near-shore manpower. Identifying success metrics also lets your measure how well you’re doing and improve strategies for future endeavors.

  1. Technologies

Does your BPO workplace incorporate hardware and software technologies that best suit your operations? Is your location ready with the right equipment and facilities that will effectively speed up business processes? If you have hundreds or thousands of users, can your software system cater to their information and needs?

All these factors are important to ensure your BPO environment is running smoothly. You also need to consider system maintenance as well as testing any new software you plan to incorporate.

  1. Human Factor

At the heart of every successful BPO company is a team of trustworthy, competent employees. Needless to say, a lot of time and effort has to be put into training and transitioning your workers from the training room to the field. Many companies have failed in this department by failing to prepare workers with adequate knowledge and tools to efficiently handle the work at hand. Then once they hit the operations floor, it’s like they’re groping in the dark. Other than training, make sure new employees have sufficient support from their team leaders and managers.

  1. Location

The biggest reason companies outsource is to cut costs while maintaining a high quality of service. That is precisely why the Philippines is one of the top offshore locations in the world with its large pool of highly trained experts and low office rates. You also need to look at the government’s level of support towards the BPO industry, the country’s culture, and its economy.

When choosing a city, a good place to start is a business district where entrepreneurs and individuals from bordering provinces go to for work.

  1. Security

Extra security is extremely important if you want to protect your company’s physical, financial, and technological well-being. Security not only deals with controlling physical risks, but making sure none of your proprietary data is compromised. Install software that protects information so any sensitive data never gets stolen or distributed unlawfully, and employ security guards that will patrol your premises round the clock. You’ll also want to take care of your employees because their safety should be a priority.

  1. Disaster Planning

Emergencies and natural calamities happen to any country. You need a backup plan for every possible disaster, from power failures to typhoons.

  1. Accent

Many companies would argue accent is not a very big determining factor in measuring performance, but you’ll also want to hire qualified people that are easy to understand. When your contact center agents have almost undetectable accents, you’re able to maintain the level of customer support you provide and prevent harming your brand image.

Cagayan de Oro is one of the country’s hottest BPO destinations, and for good reason. It’s already home to a long list of BPO companies and it continues to provide homegrown, reliable talent. With a BPO environment like One Providence, it’s the place to be for any company looking to outsource.