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Article by Giselle Segura / Photos by Paul Miki Sajulla


When it comes to choosing a hair care product, what would you rather use? One with harmful chemicals or one with all-natural ingredients? Of course, you’d pick the latter, right? Consumers have long struggled to find a hair product that uses natural ingredients instead of toxic ones; however, despite the fact that there are plenty of hair care products sold in the market today only a few are actually promoting a healthier hair using organic and nature-inspired elements.

With this growing dilemma in the hair care industry, one entrepreneur has found an opportunity that he has long been waiting – to create hair products made from natural and nourishing ingredients. And to fulfill that, he developed the HairFood Co. brand.


What’s HairFood Co.?

HairFood Co. is a hair care brand that offers consumer hair products such as conditioner, shampoo, tonic, and pomade that are all made from natural materials in a nature-inspired process. All products of HairFood Co. are paraben- and sulfate-free. Made from 100% organic products, it is the answer to consumers’ needs to have a healthier hair.


How It All Began

It all started in 2014 when Ralph Layco (HairFood Co.’s owner) has observed that hair loss is becoming a serious problem among men. While serving as a front desk officer at his barbershop, he noticed three balding men; he later became interested in helping prevent hair loss, and to do that, he thought of providing a gentler hair care product. One that does not contain any toxic chemicals. Determined to help his customers and other people who are also suffering from thinning and balding hair, Ralph took a bold step. He traveled abroad and did a research about ways that can help effectively restore the hair. His idea paved the way for the development of Crown & Glory – a natural hair care brand focusing on the hair regrowth market.

While preparing for products that would address hair loss problems, Ralph found out that the demand for natural hair care products for women has also been increasing rapidly. He then decided to also cater this demand by pivoting Crown & Glory’s business model. He then proceeded by creating an umbrella brand that offers natural hair care products which he named HairFood Co. His game plan was fixed, and that’s to offer safer alternatives to existing hair care brands.

As for how he would describe HairFood Co., here’s what Ralph would say: “HairFood Co. is simple, it’s committed to providing you peace of mind with the products that are thoughtfully formulated with ingredients from around the world without the bad stuff.”

To reach more consumers effectively, Ralph decided to operate HairFood Co. through a partnership with his sister Kaye Layco, who also happens to be an entrepreneur. Having seen the potential of the brand and the advocacies that it promotes, Kaye agreed to help guide HairFood Co.’s brand reach its full potential. Kaye said, “It’s good business to make truly good products that do good things to people.”



Goodbye Toxic Chemicals, Hello Natural!

In case you are not aware, commercialized hair care products contain two dangerous chemicals – parabens and sulfates.

Parabens have long been used since the early 1950s in making lotions, deodorants, shampoos, and makeups; they are known to preserve these products and prevent bacteria from infecting them. Sulfates, on the other hand, are used as a cleansing and foaming agents; they are typically used in creating body washes, toothpaste, and shampoos.

Although they have been long used as an ingredient in making shampoos, it has only been recently found that both chemicals have a negative effect not just on our hair but in our general health.

Sulfates may be an effective cleansing agent but it has also been proven to be among the culprits of thinning hair and hair loss. It has also been proven to be carcinogenic and toxic. Parabens, on the other hand, have long been linked to several skin irritations such as rosacea and dermatitis, it is also known to cause allergic reactions.

When it comes to choosing shampoos, those that do not contain paraben and sulfate is definitely the best. This type of shampoo does not only keep you away from paraben and sulfates’ harmful side effects, it also keeps your hair moisturized.

And now that HairFood Co. has created a number of hair care products made from all-natural solutions, Filipino consumers now get to enjoy a healthier hair minus the toxins of parabens and sulfates. All products of HairFood Co. are concocted with ingredients from nature such as Stem Cell Teapods from South Korea, Argan Oil from Morocco, Sunflower Oil from Italy, and Emu Oil from Australia. Organic ingredients from Switzerland and Thailand are also part of HairFood Co.’s formula.


Cagayan de Oro Says Hello to Healthy Hair Days!

Last February 2016, two years after HairFood Co. started to produce all-natural hair care products, the brand opened a kiosk in Ayala Mall Centrio much to the enjoyment of Kagay-anon consumers who have long been looking for shampoos and conditioners that are nourishing and free from any types of harmful elements.

The kiosk is positioned near the Corrales Avenue entrance of Centrio Mall. And apart from sulfate-free and paraben-free hair products of HairFood Co., it also carries product made by Crown & Glory. Products include beauty oils and shave solutions.

Aside from Centrio, HairFood Co. has 12 other branches nationwide where you can buy all-natural hair care solutions. Here’s a complete list of their branches:

SM Manila – Lower Ground Floor (In front of SM Food Court)

SM Seaside City Cebu – Upper Ground Floor (Near H&M)

SM North EDSA – Upper Ground Floor (Annex Building)

SM City Cebu – 2nd Floor (Near Bo’s Coffee)

SM City Bacolod -2nd Floor (Near SM Store, Northwing)

SM Iloilo – Lower Ground Floor (Near GNC)

SM City General Santos – 2nd Floor, Bridgeway

SM Lanang Premier – Upper Ground Floor (Near Forever 21)

SM City Ecoland Davao – 2nd Floor (Bridgeway)

KCC de Zamboanga – 2nd Floor (Near Shakey’s)

Ayala Abreeza Davao – 1st Floor (Near GAP)

Ayala Center Cebu – 2nd Floor

For places that do not have a HairFood Co. kiosk near them, you also don’t have to worry anything since you can also purchase their products at Simply visit this link:

Apart from that, HairFood Co. is also planning to add 30 more stores in the country next year. Not only that, to serve a wider scope of market and to help others with their hair problems, the brand has also ventured into distributing its products internationally in Canada and New Zealand; this is also set to happen this 2017.



#HealthyHairDays Campaign

Last November 11, 2016, the people behind HairFood Co. has organized a Blog Con at Boy Zugba. Inviting several bloggers and media personnel from Cagayan de Oro, the hair care brand introduced its products to the public.

Other than that, the company has also initiated a campaign that focuses on warning people of the long-term negative effects of hair care ingredients on their health.

Discussing the bad effects of parabens and sulfates to bloggers present during the event, HairFood Co. has also drilled the reason why choosing an all-natural shampoo is simply the best. All HairFood Co. products are developed with no colorants, sulfates, and parabens added on them. They want to ensure that the consumer always has a choice or an alternative to the typical hair care products that they have been using for years.

If you want to join HairFood Co.’s campaign against toxic hair products, use the hashtag #HealthyHairDays and help spread awareness against parabens and sulfates.


HairFood Co.’s Must-try Products:

In case you want to give HairFood Co.’s products a try, here’s a list of their must-try products:

Booster Shampoo – Containing Aloe Vera, Philippine Gugo, and plant stem cell activator, this shampoo helps enhance hair growth while nourishing your scalp as well.

HairFood Co. Argan Oil – Containing Argan Oil imported from Morocco, this hair care product does not just hydrate the hair and stops fly away; it also repairs damaged hair, enhances elasticity, and adds shine to your luster hair.

HairFood Co. Awesome Volume Conditioner – This is definitely not your ordinary hair conditioner as this contains rich avocado and rice proteins making your flat and lifeless hair become thicker, shinier, and fuller. It also moisturizes the hair to keep it strong and healthy.

HairFood Co. Black Back Conditioner – Using this conditioner, together with Black Back Shampoo and Black Tonic, reduces peroxide which is known to cause graying hair. Made with Emu Oil and Moringa extract, the Black Back Conditioner serves as a follicle awakener.

If you really want your hair to be strong, healthy, and beautiful, then there’s only one thing that you should do, leave your old shampoo and conditioner behind and go for hair care products that are paraben- and sulfate-free. Go all natural with your hair, and you’ll definitely see the result in no time. And here in Cagayan de Oro, the best all-natural solution to all your hair woes in none other than HairFood Co.




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