Graduation Party Ideas: How to Celebrate Your Senior’s Big Day

It’s not every day that a person graduates. More than simply putting on a toga and getting a rolled-up piece of paper with the student’s name and some fancy words written on it, graduation is a rite of passage, either of moving on to the next level of education, or transitioning from student to working adult. No matter what age someone is when they achieve this, it is always something to celebrate, and as Filipinos, we always find reasons to have a party.

However, when it comes down to having a celebration there are a lot of factors to consider. Of course, the most important one is the celebrant’s choice. But as parents are wont to do, they may want to set up a celebration themselves. Because a lot of times, aside from the person who is graduating, the celebration is also for the parents and relatives who (most of the time) are the ones who had to finance the journey since step one. So what can be considered as the best way to celebrate this milestone in life?

Poolside/Beach Party 

This idea for a party is a very popular one especially for the younger graduates. It doesn’t fit well with most college parties because college celebrations usually involve alcohol in one form or another, and intoxicated people and slippery surfaces or deep waters are simply a recipe for disaster. As such, because this is most popular with the younger students, generally they start earlier in the day so that the guests can make use of the sunlight in the pool. During this time most of the graduate’s friends will be in the pool horsing around while the parents and other adults will just lie in the shade and schmooze.

However, one thing that the people who are actually paying for the event must consider is the cost. Because most of these parties usually last longer, they have to factor in copious amounts of food and drinks into their budget and they’ve to also consider entrance fees for all the guests and other miscellaneous payments. However, overall, this idea is definitely a popular one, and despite the cost, it is more often than not a worthy expense.

Big party at home 

This kind of celebration is probably the one that a lot of our countrymen go for the most. Considering that it is possibly the most economical choice when serving a large number of guests, one can see why. All the preparation needed is to get a good catering company, rent out some tables and chairs if needed and then just wait for the guests to arrive.

But, the biggest pain in a party like this is most likely the cleanup. The sheer amount of dishes and cups that need disposing of are going to be immense, not to mention clearing out the tables and chairs. Leftovers are not really an issue because having guests take them home is just another common thing at these kinds of gatherings. One just has to remember that after all the fun and games comes the chore of having to getting the place clean again.

Simple dinner at a restaurant 

Eating out for a celebration with only the family and closest friends is the most relaxing choice when it comes to celebrating. Going to a good restaurant and eating good food, and simply focusing on conversing with the people is a simple but fulfilling way to commemorate such an achievement. Of course, one must choose the best possible place for this, but as long as the people are there, the ambience is set, and the food is warm and delicious, a lot of people will choose this over a loud and messy part any day. Not to mention that this is a more intimate way of celebration, which means people will focus more on what is truly being celebrated on that day: taking one step further on the journey to becoming an adult.

What really matters in the end 

When it really comes down to it, one must keep in mind why this is being done. As mentioned before, Filipinos are quick to find reasons to celebrate, but that does not make the actual achievement any less relevant. In the end what matters is that the student has finished that chapter in their life, and celebrating is simply a way to welcome in the next one with a bang.