Have a Festive August at Centrio!

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  • Aug 07, 2016 - Aug 31, 2016,

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The festivity never ends at Centrio! We’re halfway into the month of August but Centrio is just getting started on the fun up their sleeves.

Last August 07, 2016 Centrio and R.O.X. held a Bike Out meant to gather the city’s biking community for a fun and memorable ride. Open to all kinds of bicycles and riders, the event invites friends and family to a joyride that has freebies and prizes awaiting them at the end.



This recent as well kicked off a string of very exciting events at the mall. First off, we’ve got the Lifestyle Bazaar (on the 3rd Floor Bridgeway), and the Pakals Market (at the C.V. Roa strip side of the mall) going on. What’s great about this really is how local brands and products are given an avenue to showcase themselves to a much wider crowd. It’s an opportunity for mall-goers to acknowledge and be in awe of the wonderful food or fashion creations by our fellow Kagay-anons when they drop by the Lifestyle Bazaar. For the night owls, Centrio leaves the C.V. Roa Strip open until 11PM for you to have a chance to experience the grilled goodness of the Pakals Market’s merchants.






Oh, let’s not forget — Centrio is also hosting an epic Lure Drop party along with the other Ayala Malls all over the country! Pokémon Go just officiall dropped in our country early this month, and someone like me (who was sadly still on Level 8 around August 10) needed this. Whether you’re on Team Mystic, Valor or Instinct, you’ll surely appreciate this gathering of Pokémon fans and masters as Centrio is also giving away a lot of goodies to those playing Pokémon Go!




Get ready to smile and laugh as well! Hey Joe Show is coming to Centrio this August 16. Catch these boys as they entertain you in full and fluent Bisaya when they drop by Cagayan de Oro as part of their 2016 tour.




Centrio’s got another outdoor activity coming up with the Kagayan Festival Marathon, preceded by a Health and Wellness Expo to give ourselves the chance to get updated with our health stats as well as get tips and information on how to stay well, fit and healthy.



Are you looking for more? Well you will not be disappointed! Check out the full schedule below for the rest of what the mall has in store for you this month Kagay-anon. From celebrity guests to heart-stopping shows, let’s all celebrate our fiesta month together as on Cagayan de Oro Community here Centrio Mall. Higala, hali na!



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