Coffeeholic: Now Brewing Specialty Coffees in Cagayan de Oro

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Article by Giselle Segura

Photos by Paul Miki Sajulla



It isn’t hard to notice that Kagay-anons are extremely fond of drinking coffee. Look around the city and you’ll instantly observe that coffee shops are always brimming with people any time of the day.  But just so you know, this current coffee hype that CDO is experiencing is not only happening here, it is actually a global trend.

Coffee is the third most popular beverage (next to water and tea) in the world today. With its distinctive taste and aroma (not to mention its many health benefits), coffee has been a favorite drink of millions of people all across the globe. But just when you thought that coffee varieties are only limited to frappe and cappuccino, there are actually plenty more varieties that you can try.

One newly opened coffee shop in Cagayan de Oro has decided to cater Kagay-anons a unique coffee experience by offering specialty coffee concoction from all parts of the world—Coffeeholic.




The First of Its Kind

Owned and managed by Mr. JC and Mrs. TJ Vargas, Coffeeholic opened last October 1, 2016. Owing to the fondness Kagay-anons have for coffee houses, it did not take long for the newly opened shop to be frequented by coffee lovers. And this popularity comes as no surprise; Coffeeholic does not just offer a laid-back spot for coffee lovers to hang out and explore while enjoying their favorite hot beverage—this newest coffee shop in the city wants Kagay-anons to experience unique coffee brews from all parts of the world.



The first of its kind in the city, Coffeeholic is the only one in Cagayan de Oro to offer specialty coffees from Vietnam, Turkey, Ireland, and the Middle East. Cases in point: Türk kahvesi (Turkish coffee), Cà phê ðá, Irish coffee, and Arabic coffee are among the most famous coffee brews in the world today and these are being served by the establishment. The shop is really a boon for coffee lovers as, before Coffeeholic opened its doors, these coffee blends can be found nowhere in the city despite their popularity. However, with the venture’s launch, Kagay-anon coffee lovers can enjoy the unique taste of coffee blends while also increasing their knowledge about the different coffee cultures across the globe.


Turkish Coffee


Vietnamese Coffee, Over Ice


Love for Coffee

Mr. and Mrs. Vargas share the same love for coffee. Being language teachers, they found coffee an effective way of keeping them alert while computing their students’ grades. But later on, what started as a necessity became a way to bond with their family and studies. While living abroad for 10 years, they had the opportunity to try different coffee blends. However, they were not just content with tasting them; they also wanted to learn how the different coffees are being made. Together, they spent plenty of time learning how to brew authentic Vietnamese and Turkish coffee.


Vietnamese Coffee, Hot


Both Tara and JC took formal classes to learn how to make different coffee brews; they even asked their friends to teach them how to make the brews taste authentic. And since then, they have wanted to open a coffee shop in Cagayan de Oro that would not just cater coffee lovers the usual coffee menu. They want Kagay-anons to also have a taste of different coffee blends, and with Coffeeholic now open, they have indeed made it a reality.

If you have always been interested in trying Vietnam’s Cà phê đá or Turkey’s Türk kahvesi, then Coffeeholic is just the perfect place to visit. Not to mention that Coffeeholic offers the famous Chai Karak (Karak tea) on their menu. Coffeeholic is located at SM City-CDO at the ground floor near the mall’s entrance carpark building. Enjoy your dose of caffeine!












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