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Food. Food. Food. And more food. Food is something that Kagay-anons can proudly share to the world. Because we love to eat, food establishments of every kind are found everywhere in CDO. Get comprehensive information and read special features about the city’s most popular dining places. Stay up-to-date with what’s new in the restaurant scene. Find world class cafés and bars. Only on Clix Cuisine. We know how to satisfy your cravings!

Three Christmas Staple Dishes Filipinos Love to Eat

Author: Team

Getting excited to start the Christmas season? We bet you are! Here in the Philippines, Christmas has always been one of the country’s most anticipated occasions. Everyone’s eager for it to come. Take a look around Cagayan de Oro, and it isn’t hard to notice that almost every establishment is already done setting up their… Read more »

Bad Burgers’ Early Christmas Treat & Regular Instagram Contest

Author: Clix Admin Assistant

  When it comes to mouthwatering delicious food, nothing beats a good Bad Burger, especially during the holidays. Burgers may not be a traditional Christmas food for most people, but for us, a Bad Burger is excellent for any occasion, even during the Yuletide season.   Bad Burgers is the good burger that’s so bad… Read more »

Delightful Dishes To Bring During Christmas Parties – Our Top 5 Picks

Author: Team

It’s almost time for Christmas, guys! And what does this mean? Non-stop parties, tsibugan, and potluck gatherings! This is what really happens during the Christmas season, right? From your office to your high school friends and college block mates, everyone’s busy organizing get-togethers and Christmas events, which, of course, are always brimming with food and… Read more »

The Latest Scoop on Bad Burgers

Author: Clix Admin Assistant

  If you’re a Kagay-anon, then surely you’ve heard of Bad Burgers by now. Whether you’ve actually visited the burger joint and sampled their fare or not, it’s safe to say that you know it exists and maybe even know where it is. Worry not, if you want to learn more about this burger place,… Read more »

Order Lechon in CDO and Other Cities in the Philippines

Author: Clix Admin Assistant

  Wherever you may be in the world, if you are a Filipino, then you most probably know lechon.   The roasted pig is perhaps the most loved pork dish in the Philippines; you are bound to see it in every Filipino celebration you’ll ever witness—weddings, baptisms, birthdays, fiestas, business launches, etc. Even international superstar… Read more »

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