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Three Tips to Cool Off this Summer Season

Author: Clix Admin Assistant

Are you already noticing the drastic changes in our weather here in Cagayan de Oro? The past few days have been sweltering hot and humid—a clear indication that summer is indeed fast approaching. Summer days in CDO have always been hot; the city’s temperature during summer season ranges from 24 degrees Celsius up to 33… Read more »

Are You Ready for Bad Burgers Summer Sale?

Author: Clix Admin Assistant

Hello mga Kagay-anons, are you excited for summer? You better be! Besides being the perfect time to travel, hit the beach, and enjoy the whole vacation, the season has plenty of things in store for all us. If you have noticed, there are a lot of events and activities that are going to be held… Read more »

Snap, Share, and Win! Join the Bad Burgers Photo Contest Now!

Author: Clix Admin Assistant

  Do you love snapping and sharing photos on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Then here’s great news for you! Do you know that by simply taking a picture and uploading it to your social media accounts, you get a chance to win a PHP 500.00 gift certificate? Yes, you’ve read that… Read more »

The Best Burger in Town Is Turning One!

Author: Clix Admin Assistant

Satisfy Your Cravings as Bad Burgers Celebrates Its 1st Year Anniversary Your go-to burger place for juicy and delicious sandwich concoctions is turning one. Time sure does fly, huh? It wasn’t that long ago when you had your first taste of their incredible burgers, when you first told your friends about how this burger joint… Read more »

Various Ways of Enjoying Siomai

Author: Perry Dayap

Siomai may have Chinese origins, but it has definitely become a favorite of many Filipinos. Look around you. There are countless stalls, karenderias, and restaurants that serve them, aren’t there? There are even private individuals who sell siomai from the comfort of home. This is testament to how popular this traditional Chinese dumpling has become… Read more »

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