Civic Merchandising, Incorporated: A Model of Dedication to Service

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Heavy equipment—heavy-duty vehicles most frequently used for earthwork operations and other construction tasks—are essential to the work of builders and construction companies. Therefore, in a place like the Philippines (and Cagayan de Oro in particular) where construction projects are going on year-round, there is most definitely a high demand for heavy equipment.

One of the companies dedicated to addressing this demand is Civic Merchandising, Incorporated. Established in 1974, Civic Merchandising is a privately-owned company that serves not only the construction industry, but also the Philippine mining and transportation industries. The company began as an independent heavy equipment spare parts dealer with three men on the team.

The business gradually grew until they started selling used equipment in 1980 and a few years after that, the company was finally big enough that they could afford to include brand-new equipment in their selection. Today, Civic Merchandising is a corporation with more than 200 individuals on their team and is the exclusive distributor of several leading brands in mining and construction equipment, including Volvo, which is the second largest heavy-duty truck brand in the world.

The company commits to always providing superior customer service and if you’ve never done business with them before (and are understandably skeptical as to whether they deliver on their promise of top-notch service or not), you’ll probably be reassured by the fact that their claim of excellent customer service is backed by over four decades of a solid track record. As a general rule, a company couldn’t last even a single decade without offering excellent products and services to their customers, right?

One of the best things about Civic Merchandising is that, from the moment you contact them and tell them what your heavy equipment needs are, you will receive immediate and dedicated service. They will assist you every step of the way to make sure your needs are addressed in a timely manner. You are also assured of receiving topnotch after-sales service if necessary. This high level of customer service may be the main reason why the company has had the privilege of catering to the needs of leading local and multinational construction and mining firms that operate in the Philippines.

Now, here’s something you’ll be sure to appreciate. Unlike many other heavy equipment distributors, Civic Merchandising goes beyond selling equipment. They offer a variety of relevant and highly useful services as well. For example, if you require minor repairs for equipment you got from them, they offer on-site support, which means trained service personnel will go to your construction site and perform the repairs there, reducing downtime and saving you a lot of money in the process.

And because prevention is always better than cure, Civic Merchandising also offers preventive maintenance services for your equipment. They will help you determine how often each piece of machinery should be serviced to maximize your investment. It is no wonder then that the company has managed to stay on top for more than 40 years. A commitment to service indeed offers excellent rewards.

Civic Merchandising’s Cagayan de Oro office is located along Cugman, National Highway. For more information about their products and services, check out their website at


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