CDO: The Next IT-BPO Hub in the Philippines

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And How the One Providence Building Can Play a Part in the City’s Economic Progress


Are you thinking of expanding your IT-BPO business by branching out to Cagayan de Oro City? Are you looking for a prime location in the city to start your own BPO business? Is the City of Golden Friendship really a prime candidate as the most ideal location to start a business of this nature right now?

“The Philippines has one of the fastest growing economies in Southeast Asia in the past decade.” You probably read this a lot when you surf the Web looking for news stories about business, specifically in the field of Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing or IT-BPO.


Do you know the reason for this?


It is because the IT-BPO industry was, and still is, one of the biggest contributors to the economic boom the country is experiencing right now. Contrary to common belief, the Philippines is more than just a country of contractual labor workers.

Given the opportunity and the chance to shine, the country produces some of the best and highly skilled IT professionals who can compete at a high level with the rest of the world. In the past, China and India were the two countries that get thrown a lot into these discussions. In the recent years, however, the Philippines has been getting some of the spotlight more often in these exchanges.


How do Cagayan de Oro and its potential as an IT-BPO hub connect to all of this?


To get the answer, you must first consider the history of the IT-BPO industry in the Philippines. One of the first cities in the country to appreciate the potential of this growing industry is Manila and the NCR Region.


In the early days, it was in Manila that call centers and other IT-BPO companies started popping up like weeds in a rice field. As the market began to expand and grow, and more and more international companies started to look at the Philippines as a viable option for IT-BPO, companies began appearing in other cities as well, such as Cebu—the largest city outside of the NCR Region, and Davao—the largest city in Mindanao.

The CDO-ICT, or the Cagayan de Oro Information and Communications Technology Council is largely responsible for creating awareness and interest in the CDO IT-BPO industry. Not long after, the first IT-BPO companies started operating in the city and began contributing to the city’s already growing economy. Today, Cagayan de Oro is one of the most favored locations for IT-BPO companies.


In fact, the IT-BPO industry can be very well be a viable revenue stream for the city. And this is something that could potentially fuel even more economic growth for Cagayan de Oro.

With that said, what does the One Providence Building bring to the table? What is its relevance if you do decide to expand your business to CDO or perhaps start a new IT company from scratch within the city?


One Providence Building: What It Offers to New IT Businesses and Expanding BPO Establishments


One of the biggest challenges in putting up a business, wherever you might be in the world, is finding the right location. Yes—just like what they usually say in the real estate industry, starting a business begins with location, location, location.


You might be wondering; surely there are other good locations in the city for me to put up my call center business? What’s so special about this building?

Those are very valid questions. The City of Golden Friendship is ripe with lots of prime locations for all sorts of businesses, whether you’re planning to open a bakeshop, a digital marketing company, or a call center agency. But, what makes One Providence a prime location for IT-BPO businesses is the fact that the building just got a PEZA (Philippine Economic Zone Authority) accreditation from the city, making the structure, in all of its 8-story glory, an IT center and BPO building.


Additionally, One Providence is located at Lifestyle District, one of the busiest commercial and business centers in the city. The area is a small community of restaurants, bars, and offices; there’s even a fitness gym and a budget hotel. Lifestyle District is basically a small city within a city, and One Providence is right in the middle of it.


So if you’re looking to put up an IT-BPO business in CDO, One Providence can be the perfect location you’ve been searching for.