Bad Burgers: Bringing the A-Game to Uptown CDO

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Remember the burger joint that gave us a whole new meaning of the word “bad” back in February of this year? Well, they’ve got some good news for Kagay-anons living and working in the uptown area. Bad Burgers has expanded their horizons! They now have a branch at Pueblo de Oro, thereby giving uptown residents a chance to enjoy their scrumptious burgers the way downtown CDO has been enjoying them since February.


And just like they did when they opened their first store, Bad Burgers offered their Facebook followers a chance to win some free burgers before they formally opened their uptown branch last September 18. From September 15 to 17, everyone who Liked and Shared their special post, tagged 10 friends, and used the designated hashtags were entered into an electronic raffle. Winners were announced on opening day, with 10 Cheeseburgers being given away.

But you don’t have to join any contest to enjoy any of the burgers and other food items being offered at Bad Burgers. Just proceed to their new uptown branch to satisfy your cravings! Your first taste of any of their burger offerings will be sure to have you planning your next trip to the joint so you can try the rest of their selection.

The Bad Burgers Selection


If you still need some convincing to go out and try Bad Burgers, a quick look at their burger selection may just be the urging you need. Here are the burgers they have for you:

Classic Burger – Juicy patty grilled to perfection and sandwich between two deliciously soft sesame buns. It also has glazed onions, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and mayonnaise.

Classic Cheeseburger – The classic burger with mouthwatering cheese.

Pesto with Cheese – The classic cheeseburger, with Bad Burgers’ very own pesto sauce. Who says pesto is just for pasta

Wasabi with Cheese – The classic cheeseburger, with hot, hot, hot wasabi! Perfect for times when you want something unique.

Hawaiian with Cheese – Some people would argue that pineapples don’t belong in burgers, but if you want a little zest in your burger, that argument doesn’t really matter.

Cheesy Mushroom – If you love mushroom and especially love how they taste with cheese, then this is the perfect burger for you!

Pepper Coulis – The smell alone tells you this is one peppery burger, so be ready for that extra bite in the flavor.

Coleslaw with Cheese – Coleslaw goodness in a burger you just can’t resist.

Black Burger – This scrumptious burger in black sesame buns are among their most popular specialties.

Colored Burgers (Pink/Blue) – Make life more colorful with a choice of either blue or pink buns for your burger.

Cheesy Bacon Mushroom – Everyone’s all-time favorite treat—bacon—paired with the goodness of mushroom and cheese. Oh, so yummy!

Double Foul – A burger with two perfectly-grilled juicy patties brimming with rich flavor. Just wow!

Triple Threat – If two patties aren’t enough for you, why not go for three?

The Dominator Burger – An 8-inch cheeseburger with the same delicious patty, mouthwatering cheese, and fresh vegetables.

Donut Burger – Bad Burgers’ juicy patty between slices of Krispy Kreme’s Original Glazed Donut. Hurray for unique flavors and foodie adventures!

Non-Burger Options

Just because it’s a burger joint doesn’t mean Bad Burgers offers nothing but burgers. In fact, they have so much more to offer! You may want to try their All-day Breakfast, their pasta dishes, their grilled choices, their appetizers, and extras like Java rice, eggs, and a variety of sauces. They also offer hot and cold drinks as well as a variety of beer. Bad Burgers is definitely more than just a burger joint; it could be the ideal hangout place for everyone.

Rice meals are also served at Bad Burgers! Check out their menu here.


So, if the downtown hangout scene too crowded for you, don’t worry! There’s now a perfect place to chill and spend quality time with family and friends in uptown CDO. The food never gets boring in this joint, and you will always get real value for your money. It is definitely worth at least one try.




Just because the uptown area is quite a distance from the city proper doesn’t mean the people there can’t enjoy the same things people in the downtown area typically enjoy. With the new Bad Burgers branch in Pueblo de Oro, good food, unique flavors, and unforgettable dining experiences are now well within reach of uptown residents. Wait no more; take the opportunity to find out what’s so good about (being) Bad!


Note: All photos courtesy of Bad Burgers, used with permission

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