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Sonrisa Vista: The New Go-to Beach Resort in Cagayan de Oro

Author: Iris Dy-Lagria

Filipinos love going to the beach, especially when there are special occasions; and Kagay-anons are no different. We are constantly on the lookout for new beachfront venues for our parties and events so we can go swimming right after the program. One such venue more and more people in the city are talking about is… Read more »

Freight 1 Express – A Service Review

Author: Iris Dy-Lagria

At some point in our lives, we’re probably going to need to have a few things shipped. Whether we’re moving to a new home, sending packages to our loved ones, or shipping orders if we have an online retail business, we sure will appreciate having our goods arrive at the intended destination on time and… Read more »

Evorganix: Improving Health with Turmeric

Author: Iris Dy-Lagria

A lot of people are so busy these days, they hardly have time to eat meals regularly. And when they do eat their meals, they really don’t give much thought to what’s in the food, where the ingredients came from, and how the food was prepared. Most of the time, they just eat for the… Read more »

Cakeistry CDO: Turning Dream Sweets into Reality

Author: Iris Dy-Lagria

Go around CDO these days and you’ll notice that there are now a good number of sweets shops. This is good news to consumers because it means they now have more options and can really make sure they have the perfect sweets for their parties and events. And when it comes to sweets, cakes are… Read more »

Nikon Cakes & Accessories – What They Have to Offer

Author: Iris Dy-Lagria

Cakes are among the regular fare at parties, regardless of what occasion is being celebrated. There are those who simply buy cakes from an established cake shop. There are also those who buy baking equipment, materials, and ingredients so they can do the baking themselves. Whether you choose to buy your cakes or buy the… Read more »

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