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MINERGY – Powering Our Future

Author: Iris Dy-Lagria

Power interruptions have plagued the Mindanao area for decades, but if you’re too young to have experienced them in the ‘80s and ‘90s, then you probably don’t realize how much better the situation is today. The power supply crisis got so bad in the past that a need for an independent power producer (IPP) was… Read more »

CDO Travel and Tours: Pampering You with Their Service

Author: Iris Dy-Lagria

These days, you can do practically everything online. If you have a trip coming up, for example, it’s so easy to book your flights and accommodations online. You simply have to go to the websites of your preferred airlines and hotels, click a few tabs, and viola! You have booked your trip. But, there are… Read more »

Civic Merchandising, Incorporated: A Model of Dedication to Service

Author: Iris Dy-Lagria

Heavy equipment—heavy-duty vehicles most frequently used for earthwork operations and other construction tasks—are essential to the work of builders and construction companies. Therefore, in a place like the Philippines (and Cagayan de Oro in particular) where construction projects are going on year-round, there is most definitely a high demand for heavy equipment. One of the… Read more »

Spoon & Pepper – A One-of-a-Kind Catering Experience in CDO

Author: Iris Dy-Lagria

Filipinos love to eat. We always find reasons to come together for a feast—birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, fiestas, graduations, passing exams, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, the start/end of summer—everything is a celebration! And when it comes to good food, it’s not all about cooking at home or eating at restaurants for us. Sometimes, we also… Read more »

Global Leadership Institute: Helping Your Business Ensure Success

Author: Iris Dy-Lagria

In any business and organization, leadership is important. Many studies and surveys have proven that bad leadership is one of the most common reasons why people quit their jobs; they either don’t like their direct supervisor/manager or they don’t like the way upper management generally treats the company’s employees. It became apparent to the team… Read more »

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