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Urban Lifestyle Opens Its Doors to Kagay-Anons

Author: Team

Do you want to add some color and prestige to your home or office? Maybe place some well-crafted furniture or decorative fittings that will make your small office/home office (SOHO) stand out from the rest? Urban Lifestyle is here to help give any room or space in your home a nice flavor that will be… Read more »

HairFood Co. Opens at SM CDO Downtown Premier!

Author: Team

Last June 30. 2017, Hair Food Co. opened its newest kiosk in SM Downtown Premier, located at the Ground floor, middle aisle (right after the Evorganix kiosk).  It has been successful introducing its product to the local and international market for a few years now and their product just kept on blossoming.   HairFood Co…. Read more »

The Best Back-to-School Gadgets Available Right Now

Author: Team

5 Hottest Gadgets That May Finally Break Daddy’s Credit Card! Now is the perfect time to start window shopping for some of the latest gadgets available in the market, especially for techies and individuals who just like to have something new at the start of every school year. If you are itching to buy a… Read more »

What’s New with Make Your Own Havaianas 2017!

Author: Team

Every year, Make Your Own Havaianas (MYOH) step into a different place with the fun themes that inspire the total flip-flop customization experience. It has taken everyone to colorful Brazil, sunny Hawaii, and kawaii Japan. This year, Havaianas sets foot into a different time and, hands down, it’s one of the best decades ever! The… Read more »

New Year's Resolution

Top 5 Overrated New Year’s Resolutions You Should Avoid

Author: Team

Are you one of those people who diligently write a New Year’s Resolution at the start of the year? As New Year approaches, some of us will certainly take the time to ponder and jot down a list of “resolutions” that they would try to achieve for the next 12 months. Although this may seem… Read more »

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