5 Refreshing Shakes Made to Beat the Heat

If there’s one thing that many people find uncomfortable in the summer, it is most definitely the heat. To be fair, summer without it being hot just isn’t summer at all. The blazing sun overhead is definitely one of the things that make summer so attractive to a lot of people, especially those who are looking to get a nice new tan. However, there are simply times we wish the temperatures go down at least a little. Unfortunately, the sun doesn’t come with a digital thermostat, and we have to resort to other means in order to cool down.

Drinking something cold will definitely do the trick. Some of your favorite restaurants will serve great coolers and smoothies at all times of the day. Magill’s Bistro’s coolers are also a good choice for cooling down, and another thing you could try is to have a shake instead. Smoothies and shakes are a great remedy against the humidity and heat. They are relatively easy and cheap to make, and the ingredients can be found in most households as well. Here, we list out some of the most refreshing shakes to drink when trying to beat the heat.

Gingery Watermelon Liquado

A liquado is a Hispanic-style shake that is popular in Mexico and other Latin American countries. Though not as prevalent here in our country, you can still find these in a few cafes, and it’s easy to make. This particular liquado is filled with lycopene, which is good for hydration and is said to help fight cancer. The ingredients include some diced watermelon with the seeds removed, a few tablespoons of lime juice, ginger beer, and some ice. After blending the ice, melon, and lime, just pour it in a tall glass and then mix in the ginger beer.

Coconut Lime Shake

The two main ingredients in this recipe simply scream summer, and the taste of this shake itself will have you agreeing. This shake has no artificial sweeteners, so though it is not as attractive for those who have a sweet tooth, for those who simply want something to quench their thirst during the summer, this will definitely fit the bill. You just need to make a vanilla shake base, and then add in a few tablespoons of lime juice, pure coconut extract, some unsweetened coconut milk, and then some water. The resulting beverage will leave you refreshed and energized, and have you ready to continue enjoying the season in the sun.


S’mores Shake

Following the zesty and energizing Coconut Lime comes the incredibly sweet and relaxing S’more. This shake is definitely a must have for those who have a hankering for consuming sweets, and though this shake is definitely a guilty pleasure for those who are watching what they consume, it is definitely worth it, and indulging yourself once in a while isn’t a bad thing. This shake contains some pure vanilla extract, graham cracker crumbs, ice, vanilla almond milk and some crushed chocolate. Just by reading the ingredients, you can already feel your mouth watering.

Berry Cherry Shake

Be warned; this shake is definitely addictive, most especially to the berry lovers. This is a bit of a compromise, because though this shake is chock-full of strawberries and almond milk, no artificial sweetener was added at all. Take note that the strawberries that are added are not sliced or diced at all. It is added whole when put into the blender, so make sure to use the high setting in order to ensure the strawberries are properly mixed in with the other ingredients. These include unsweetened almond milk, banana chunks, frozen pitted cherries, ice, and fresh frozen strawberries.

Frozen Sweet Potato Pie

Though the name seems to be something more suited to gourmet meals instead of sweet shakes, Frozen Sweet Potato Pie is still a good choice of drink when resting from a long day spent on the beach. The ingredients include Greek yogurt, nutmeg, cinnamon, cooked sweet potato, and just a little ice. The cinnamon gives a little zing to the entire drink, and the yogurt and nutmeg complement that perfectly. This just goes to show how many unexplored flavors there are out there for us to taste. Because to be honest, this flavor is something that needs to be tasted to be believed.