14 Ways to Make Your Dishes Healthier

Did you know that you could slash up to 300 calories for each meal just by tweaking some of the ingredients?

It may look hard at first, but eating healthy is just tweaking your eating lifestyle bit by bit. And it’s easy, too! Eating healthy helps you maintain your body’s ideal weight and prevents health problems.

All you have to do is reduce, replace and know that you have endless food options. Here’s how:

  1. Use less oil (or none!)

When frying food, we tend to pour oil more than we need. Being conscious on the amount of oil you use when frying is a great trick to cut the calories. Better yet, invest in a good non-stick pot or pan! That way you can completely eliminate oil from some of your meals.

  1. Use heart-healthy oils

If you can’t eliminate oil from your diet, you can still use healthy oils such as canola oil and extra-virgin olive oil. It can be a bit expensive, though, but you’ll thank yourself in the long run. These oils are highly recommended for frying and sautéing. You can also use flaxseed oil, almond oil, peanut oil and avocado oil for salad dressings.

  1. Poach it

Poach chicken, eggs and fish. Most of us are not familiar with poaching, but all you need is a little bit of practice. Poaching is a great cooking technique especially if you want your meat or eggs tender, moist and juicy.

  1. Steam it

Steaming is probably the easiest out of all these cooking methods. It is great for fish and vegetables since the process doesn’t destroy the nutrients found in these foods. Some foods, especially vegetables, lose most of their vitamins and minerals when being prepared and cooked. Fish and some vegetables can’t be eaten raw, though, and it’s probably not something many people prefer.

  1. Grill it

Grilling is my favorite cooking method. I love grilled chicken! When I’m craving chicken, I opt for grilled instead of fried. Fewer calories but equally delicious!

  1. Roast or bake it

Another way to refrain from using too much oil is by roasting or baking meat and vegetables. What I like about roast veggies is that this cooking method brings out the flavor of the food. The downside is that roasting can tend to dry out meat so to keep it moist; baste it with broth or wine.

  1. Skim it

On rainy nights, I like to cook soup. To remove most of the fat from the soup, I let it boil first and then I skim the fat on the surface. That way, I get to lessen calories from my meal!

  1. Choose lean meat

Lean meat is the best if you want to eat healthier. Lean meat is rich in protein and has low calories compared to non-lean meats.

  1. Swap out unhealthy food

Challenging, I know. This trick will entail discipline so I suggest take small steps. Love coffee? Choose black. Craving chocolate? Make sure you have dark chocolate on hand. If you want low-fat milk, opt for Greek yoghurt instead. If you want some orange juice, snack on an actual orange instead.

  1. Replace unhealthy foods

What’s more challenging than swapping your favorite unhealthy foods with healthier ones? Cutting them out completely. Sometimes, we have to check on our eating habits and there will always be one or two foods that we’ll have to say goodbye to.

However, if you succeed in implementing this change, you’ll notice great results. More energy, better metabolism and better mood, to mention a few. Cut out soda, junk food, flavored coffee, sweets and replace these with tea, black coffee, almonds and popcorn.

  1. Don’t dip

Dips and sauces seem like an upgrade to any dish. But, if you can eat it without sauce, don’t dip it.

  1. Good fat

Fruits such as avocados and fish, like salmon and mackerel, are high in fat but are actually really healthy. Fat is not an enemy, just be smart about choosing what high-fat foods to eat.

  1. Less cheese

Cheese is so good that we tend to get carried away. As much as possible, use little cheese and grate it instead of slicing so the taste gets spread out.

There you go, 14 ways to make your favorite dishes healthier.  With our busy lives and the need to finish every task as fast as we can, you’ll think that making sure you’re eating healthy everyday is extra work.

It is. But, your health is important. That alone is a major reason why you should make the effort in making sure you’re eating well.

Lastly, when going out with family and friends, don’t destroy your efforts by mindlessly eating unhealthy foods! Know your options, because there are always great restaurants that offer hearty, healthy and delicious foods.

One of my favorite places to eat out is Magill’s Bistro. They are located at Masterson’s Avenue in the uptown part of CDO. Aside from their cozy ambiance, they serve yummy, affordable and healthy food!

I love their Tuna Sandwich and Salmon Steak. Their vegetable soups always taste warm and delightful on rainy nights. And their black tea is the perfect finish to every meal.

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